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Split System Air Conditioner Installation

Back-2-Back Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Up to 3.5KW Single Storey House $550 plus GST
$620.00 plus GST for over 3.5KW


  • 4 hours labour inclusive of travel time
  • 10 metres of electrical supply cable connected to a local existing electrical circuit.
  • Up to 3 metres of refrigeration tube and interconnecting cables
  • 2.4 metre straight length of quality poly duct and weather end cap
  • Clipsal weather proof 20amp isolator mounted adjacent to compressor unit.
  • Outdoor unit mounted on plastic feet or two concrete slabs
  • 2.4m etre straight run of 75mm PVC drainage pipe down to the ground
  • Electrical safety certificate and air conditioner installation certificate
  • 20 amp circuit back to switch board and an extra supply of cable up to 15 metres.

Not Back-2-Back?

We specialise in Non-standard installations including Roof mount, Two Storey and extended pipe runs.
Standard back-back is no further than a standard lowest brick house.


  • Heavy duty Wall bracket $95
  • Extra Heavy duty wall bracket $149
  • Roof Bracket $250
  • Roof penetrating Gasket Boot $96
  • Extra twin tube including interconnecting cables and 75mm duct cover $65 per metre.
  • For Larger 100mm duct $9 per metre
  • PVC Duct Bends: $16 each
  • Electrical supply cable over 15 metres $2.50 per metre.
  • For tin and restricted access roofs additional labour above the included 4 hours may be required and is charged at $110 per hour including GST.
  • For all elevated wall brackets installation above 1.2m from ground level, and roof top compressor installations including two storeys, additional labour (2nd person) will be required at $80/ hour
  • Scaffolding Hire up to 4m high $95 per day
  • Difficult remote mount installations may also require additional labour charged at $80/hour.
  • Country customers may incur extra travel time costs.

Please note if your electrical wiring and/or switchboard is old it may have faults or be sub-standard. There will be additional costs to rectify this before we can connect the new air conditioner supply.

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