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Buying Guide

We are frequently asked which air conditioning units are the best. The old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ exists for a reason. The more expensive units such as Daikin, Fujitsu and MHI are generally, but not always more efficient and or quieter. They go together better and give you a better finished product. This enables easier servicing should the need arise which in my opinion makes the additional purchase costs worth considering. Some of the cheaper brands however provide excellent value for money and offer very good performance despite their shorter average life span. Final decisions should be based on specific unit performance and value for your dollar.

One of the ways some companies try and save money on quotations is to offer smaller output heat pump units than is actually required. For instance they might quote for 3.5kw system for an application where in-fact a 5kw system is required to control temperature. You might think with a smaller cheaper unit you’re going to save on install and running costs. A properly rated system will ramp up and down as required to control temperature, whilst an underrated unit will run at full capacity all the time and struggle to keep you cool.

Does the quote include everything? Do the technicians have the appropriate electrical qualifications to undertake the full installation? If your answer is no, you will have to pay extra for the electrical works to be completed. At Bentech Electrical our expertise enables us to fully install and safely complete the electrical and refrigeration component all at the same time. This minimises the inconvenience from taking days off work etc. Peace of mind guaranteed.

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